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Zampa Soirée Brut

We at Grover Zampa, are committed to creating wine of impeccable quality and taste. Our Zampa Soiree Brut and Brut Rose, the first vintage sparkling wines from India are unrivalled in their expression of creativity and originality.

The captivating Zampa Soiree Blend uses only the finest grapes produced in the country. Our chief winemaker describes this blend as a perfect sparkling wine of enormous potential, longevity and complexity. The fruit is delicately handled to ensure that its flavour and freshness is preserved throughout the winemaking process.

Using the time-honoured methode tradionelle, every bottle undergoes a unique process in our modern cellars at 15 degree celcius all year around. This perfectly balances the age, elegance and structure of the wines, making it an irresistable offering for connoiseurs and sparkling wine lovers across the globe.

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The lordly red wine from India

Grover Zampa Chêne

Inspired from the symbol of strength, commitment and joy, the oak tree as we know it, Chêne Grand Reserve is the most graceful red wine aged for a minimum time of 15 months in French oak barrels.

It begins with the aromas of blackberry, currant and ripe plums and finishes with the hint of spices and oak bouquets like vanilla and roasted coffee beans. Chêne has won accolades consecutively in the Decanter and Hong Kong International wine awards in the year 2012 and 2013 respectively.

With subtle and elegant notes, the nose opens up to ripe dark fruit aromas such as blackberry, currant and ripe Plums, complemented by charming hints of spices and well integrated oak bouquets such as vanilla, liquorices, chocolate and roasted coffee beans.

Perfect pleasure

Grover Zampa Syrah

An expression of brilliant fusion of blackberry and plum with a touch of vanilla and pepper on the nose. The hint of spicy oak beautifully married with tannin gives a velvety texture, making this red wine rich and elegant.

The handcrafted wine can be paired with mellow cheese, medium to spicy curries, biryanis, kebabs, pastas and red meat.

The viticulture in India

Red Wine

In India you have with 65% more grapes for red wine than for white wine at the moment. This is affected by the cliamte, the location in India and the soul. The best winemakers make sure that the finest wines are growing in perfect conditions.

Most of the grown grapes in India are coming from the original wine growing desination Europe. And in Europe most have its origine in France. For red wines the Syrah and the Cabernet Sauvignon are the most important and most grown grapes in India.

White Wine

Beside the 65% red wine we have also 35% white wine in India. Espacially the local market in India asks for light and delicious white wines. Wine lovers can expect excellent dry white wines that are made for export as well as sweet dessert wines mostly sold on local market.

Like with red wines also the white wines are influenced by French wine makers with French grapes. The major white wine grapes are the famous Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and the Viognier. In Nashik Valley is also the German Riesling growing.

Rosé Wine and Sparkling Wine

The wine makers not only produce red and white wines but also rosé wines. Rosé wine is that important today that nearly each wine-grower can offer at least one type of rosé wine. The most used grape is the Syrah but more and more winemaker are using also Zinfandel to produce rosé wine.

Beside rosé wine a few wine-grower are also using grapes to produce sparkling wine. Having European knowledge and know-how Indian sparkling wines can match with European sparkling wines with good results. But only a few ineyards are producing excellent sparkling wines at the moment. High quality comes from Grover Zampa with Brut and Brut Rosé. The most awarded sparkling wines in India. Due to the low production those sparkling wines are a high privilege and a selected range for every event.

Wine areas in India

The wine growing areas in India

Like shown on the map most of the Indian vineyards are located in the south-west of India. Important areas are around Mumbai, the state Goa and northern of the software-city Bengaluru in the south of India.

Having a hot cliamte some pioneers alraedy started at the late 1970th to find the best location to grow wine grapes. Most of the best locations are situated in the country on plateaus at about 500 - 1000 meters above sea level. An exception is the coast state Goa with much lower levels.

The pioneers in India

The "Wine Triangle"

The heart of Indian wine in the state of Maharashrta close to the gate to the world. In the past Mumbai was the gateway to India and on the other side the gateway to the world. Now Mumbai is the gateway to the wines of India.

The "Wine Triangle" is an area between the cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. In this area about 75% of Indian wine-growers are located. They produce about 60% of the Indian wine per year.

Vineyards - suggestion


Premium wines from India

Vineyards with premium quality wines made from grapes grown on own estate around the winery. High quality and a perennial style across the different vinatage is the claim that wine lovers can expect. Best international quality with its own Indian style.

  • KRSMA Estates
  • SDU Winery

Wines with best quality

Wine-growers with a larger product range. Top premium quality wines as well as high quality wines at a lower price level and good wines for the first wine experience. Even having a wide range all wines are characterised by quality and style over the different vintages.

  • Alpine Wineries
  • Charosa Winery
  • Four Seasons
  • Fratelli Wines
  • Grover Zampa Vineyards
  • Soul Tree
  • Sula Vineyards
  • Vallonné Vineyards
  • York Winery

Perfect wines for the first experience

  • Big Banyan Wines
  • Chateau d'Ori
  • Mercury Winery
  • Myra Wines

Vineyrads with good wines especially for the first experience. All wines are made by passion and good skills in winemaking. In every bottle you can taste the wine passion over the different vintages. Most wines of the product range are made for special markets first of all for the Indian market. Having a special wine culture experiance the wines are perfectly balanced for the Indian taste and dishes.